SS&W Overview

SS&W Enterprises is focused on helping homeowners maximize the value of their property when it’s time to sell.  Often when the time comes to sell your property you will not get the highest value in the current condition of the property.  SS&W’s goal is to make sure property owners know their options and have multiple options to choose from.  If you need to get out quick and do not want to through the hassle of a conventional home sale, SS&W will purchase your property within 14 days at a fair “investor price”.  If you just need a little work to enhance curb appeal and proper staging, SS&W will help maximize your “as-is” value.  If your property needs major renovation in order to maximize your profit, SS&W will get you top dollar.  SS&W Design along with SS&W Construction Management will handle everything from initial design to completion of construction and staging.  If you do not have the resource to fund the renovation, SS&W will cover the cost of renovation through the close of escrow.  If you need the sale funds to purchase a new home now, before renovation and property sale is completed, SS&W can help arrange a bridge loan to cover the time between the start of renovation and sale of your property. 

SS&W Enterprises
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